Nissan Ariya e-4ORCE tackles icy winters with ease

Mississauga, Ont. – Bringing together Nissan’s experience in EV, all-wheel drive systems and chassis control technologies, the Nissan Ariya AWD is equipped with an innovative twin motor with e-4ORCE technology for added reassurance to enable superior control and handling, regardless the weather conditions.

Putting the vehicle through its paces at its Hokkaido proving grounds in Japan, Nissan experts have tested the Ariya e-4ORCE against harsh winter conditions on snow-covered, slippery roads, to ensure it delivers a stress-free experience for every passenger. As part of these rigorous tests, Nissan’s team track everything from speed, accelerator input, steering angle and cornering control, to fully test the driver experience and passenger comfort, before a customer gets behind the wheel.

Daring to innovate, with this state-of-the-art offering, Nissan elevates all-wheel-drive electrified technology to new highs, while prioritising the need to be both confident and comfortable behind the wheel. e-4ORCE offers a powerful and controlled drive with a lightning-fast response and smooth acceleration with ultra-high-precision control at 1/10000th of a second. It guarantees driver and passenger comfort and steadiness while delivering thrill and velocity matched with a sports car.

From everyday commutes to once-in-a-lifetime adventures, this revolutionary system improves every drive.​ Designed exclusively for electrified powertrains, e-4ORCE plays a vital role in Nissan’s contribution to a cleaner, safer, and more inclusive world with zero compromise on exciting drives.

To see our experts put Ariya e-4ORCE to the test on snow-covered roads, follow the link here, and to learn more about the e-4ORCE technology, follow the link here.