Frontier Vs Ranger


Tackle new horizons with the 2018 Nissan Frontier! It's full-length, fully boxed ladder frame is built for rock-solid performance. Durability meets style in super-high-strength steel and chrome, found on the front grille and rear bumper. Rear privacy glass adds attitude and keeps the inside cool, while the tailgate-mounted spoiler helps reduce drag. It all amounts to a rugged exterior that’s ready to conquer whatever comes your way!


Built to get things done, the 2018 Nissan Frontier is a truly outstanding vehicle that boasts a considerable payload of 1,460 lbs. With a stellar 281 lbs of torque as well, which overpowers its class, the Frontier is the hard working truck you can trust!
The Ford Ranger is still far too much of an unknown quantity. It's expected, but not confirmed to match the Frontiers 281 lbs of torque. Life doesn't wait, so why should you? Get a Truck you know you can trust. 


With an impressive 6,710 towing capacity, you can trust the Nissan Frontier to handle the heavy lifting! You can bring along just about anything you need. Whether you choose a Crew Cab Standard Bed, a King Cab Long Bed or a Crew Cab Long Bed, there’s plenty of room for cargo. And with an available factory-applied spray-on protective bed-liner, you won’t need to worry about tossing it in gently.

Utili-trac Channel System

Nissan’s available first-in-class Utili-track cargo-carrying system holds a huge advantage over other trucks—channels on the bed floor, not just in the walls and header. For even more versatility, position the four beefy aluminum-alloy cleats anywhere along the Utili-track® Channel System, strap in your cargo, and put even the most awkward loads on lockdown.