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Play your music, keep tabs on your social network, and learn to navigate any city like a local with advanced NissanConnectSM features and apps.




With a NissanConnectSM Services package, response specialists are there for you in emergency situations. At the touch of a button—or automatically if your air bags deploy—talk to a live agent who can dispatch response services, provide roadside assistance, or help you locate your vehicle in the unfortunate event that it becomes stolen.


Sharing your vehicle with someone who likes to push boundaries? (Our kids come to mind.) Activate the Curfew, Max Speed, and Boundary Alerts and get notifications from your Nissan if the limits you’ve set are exceeded. Turn on the Maintenance Alert, and you’ll also be informed if a malfunction indicator light is triggered in your vehicle.


NissanConnectSM Services Remote Access is where convenience meets peace of mind. Forgot to lock your vehicle? Need help finding it in a crowded lot? Just log in to your NissanConnectSM Services companion app to lock or unlock your Nissan, trigger the horn and lights, and warm it up or cool it down from a distance without having to take out your keys.

Only on vehicles equipped with NissanConnectSM Services. Feature availability varies by model, trim level, packages, and/or options. See Package Specs for details.



Automatic Collision Notification


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In the event of an accident that causes your Nissan’s air bags to deploy, this feature will connect you—through a hands-free voice call—to a live Response Specialist who can dispatch emergency services if needed.

Information Transmission
NissanConnectSM Services will send your GPS coordinates, as well as vehicle details like make, model and colour, to a specially trained agent who can dispatch appropriate emergency services to your location.



Emergency Calling

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If you ever find yourself in need of help or in an accident where the air bags don’t deploy, just press the SOS button in your Nissan to be connected—through a hands-free voice call—to a live Response Specialist.

Information Transmission
Once you press the SOS button, NissanConnectSM Services will send your GPS coordinates, as well as vehicle details like make, model and colour, to a specially trained agent who can dispatch emergency services to your location.


Roadside Assistance Service

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If you need roadside assistance, just touch the headset icon on your NissanConnectSM screen to access the voice menu, and say the words "Roadside Assistance". You’ll be connected to an agent who can dispatch towing or other third-party services to your location.

Information Transmission
NissanConnectSM Services will transmit your GPS coordinates to the Roadside Assistance provider, so if you find yourself with a flat tire or in need of assistance you won’t have to worry about knowing your exact location.


Stolen Vehicle Locator

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Using sophisticated tracking technology, the Stolen Vehicle Locator feature can help pinpoint your vehicle’s location and assist police in recovering it, in the unfortunate event that it becomes stolen.

Initiating the service
Just contact us with the police report details to initiate the service, and we’ll work with the authorities in an effort to bring your Nissan back.


In-Vehicle Messaging

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View announcements, malfunction alerts, and more through the NissanConnectSM in-vehicle messaging feature.

When an in-vehicle message is delivered to your NissanConnectSM system, your vehicle will play part of the message to let you know that a new one is available.

Message History
The Message History menu keeps a record of the last 15 invehicle messages you’ve received, so that you can review them at your convenience.


Alarm Notification

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Choose your notification preference—email and/or text—from the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal, and you’ll be notified in real-time if your Nissan’s alarm is triggered


Maintenance Alert/Reminder

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From the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal, choose your notification preference—email or in-vehicle message—and you’ll be notified when your next service appointment is due, or if a malfunction light indicator is triggered in your vehicle.

Maintenance Alert
Alerts can be triggered by sub-system malfunctions such as low battery, low tire or oil pressure, brake, airbag, or engine issues. When you receive a maintenance alert notification, you’ll also get recommendations on how to follow up with the issue.

Maintenance Reminder
Based on your vehicle’s mileage data, you’ll receive an automatic notification when your next service appointment is due.


Vehicle Health Report

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NissanConnectSM Services generates a Vehicle Health Report, which includes any recent malfunction alerts triggered by your vehicle and much more. View this detailed report by logging in to the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal.

The Vehicle Health Report evaluates the performance of your engine, battery, tire and oil pressure, brakes, and more.

Notification Preferences
On the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, select whether you want to be notified by email or through the in-vehicle messaging feature when a new Vehicle Health Report is ready for viewing.


Remote Door Lock/Unlock

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If you forget to lock your vehicle or need to open the door when you don’t have your keys handy, simply log in to the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal for quick and easy access to your vehicle.

Set Up Notification Preferences
Set up notification preferences on the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, and you’ll get a confirmation email and/or text every time a door lock/unlock command is sent to your vehicle.


Remote Sound Horn and Flash Lights

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Here’s a common scenario: You park your vehicle in a huge lot, and wander off without paying much attention to where you’ve left it. When it comes time to find it, NissanConnectSM Services Remote Horn and Lights can help. Just log in to the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal to activate the feature. Your vehicle’s lights will immediately start flashing and the horn will sound.

Enhanced Security
If you’re sitting in your vehicle and get an uneasy feeling about your surroundings, use the Interactive Voice Response System in your Nissan to activate the horn and lights.

Remote Lights Only
You can choose to activate both the horn and lights, or—if you’re trying to be a bit more discreet—opt for the flashing lights only option.


Boundary Alert

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The Boundary Alert helps you keep track of your Nissan, even after you’ve handed the keys over. Set "stay within" or "keep out of" drive zones on the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal, and you’ll receive a notification if your vehicle is driven outside those boundaries.

Set Up Notification Preferences
Set up a notification preference on the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, and you’ll get a confirmation email or text if drive zone boundaries are crossed.

In Vehicle Reminder
Set your preferences to display a notification pop-up in the vehicle itself, to remind your secondary driver when the vehicle is outside an authorized drive zone, or inside a prohibited one.

Multiple Drive Zones
Up to 14 Boundary Alerts can be active during the same period.


Valet Alert

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The next time you leave your keys with a valet parking attendant, enable Valet Alert using your NissanConnectSM Services App, and rest assured that your vehicle isn’t being taken for a joyride. If your vehicle moves outside an approximately 300 metre radius of your drop off zone, you’ll get a notification.

Notification Preferences
On the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, select whether you want to be notified by email and/or text if a valet violation occurs.

Retrieving your Vehicle
When you’re ready to pick up your Nissan, just log into the NissanConnectSM Services App again to disable the Valet Alert.


Curfew Alert

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New driver in the family? Features like Curfew Alert help give parents peace of mind when they’re not along for the ride. Set a curfew limit on the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal and you’ll get a notification if your vehicle is being driven past the set time.

In-Vehicle Reminder
Set your preferences to display a 20 minute ‘curfew approaching’ warning to remind young drivers when it’s time to head home. A small beeping sound will be triggered inside the vehicle, and a notification message will display on the NissanConnectSM screen.

Notification Preferences
On the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, select whether you want to be notified by email and/or text when your vehicle is being driven past curfew.


Speed Alert

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This feature helps you keep tabs on your Nissan, even when you’re not in it. Set a speed threshold on the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal and the Max Speed Alert will notify you if your vehicle exceeds it.

Notification Preferences
On the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal, select whether you want to be notified by email and/or text when the speed parameters you’ve set are exceeded.

In Vehicle Reminder
You can also set your preferences to display a speed alert in the vehicle itself, to remind your secondary driver to slow down.


Google® Send-to-Car

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With Google® Send-to-Car, find your destination before you even leave home, and then use your favorite connected device to send the address to your NissanConnectSM system. When you start your vehicle, select the 'Sent To Car' button. The address will be delivered and loaded into the navigation system.

In-Vehicle Messaging
If you’ve sent Points of Interest to your vehicle using Google® Send-to-Car, NissanConnectSM Services will remind you—through an in-vehicle message—that new locations have been loaded into your navigation system.


Connected Search

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Connected Search lets you enter location-based search terms in your NissanConnectSM system, searches the Internet, and returns Points of Interest results based on your vehicle’s current GPS location.

Results list
The search results list—displayed in the order of locations closest to you—will include each POI’s name, category, address and phone numbers.


Assisted Search

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If you’re searching for Points of Interest and not finding exactly what you want, use the Assisted Search feature to help you track down the locations. Through an interactive voice system, you’ll be able to talk to a live operator and request a POI search by name or category, and have the results automatically downloaded to your NissanConnectSM system.

Search Results
The name, category, address, and phone number of a POI will be sent to your Nissan following the results of an Assisted Search.

Search Locations
The Assisted Search feature can help you locate Points of Interest throughout Canada and the continental United States.


Destination Download

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Use the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal to search for Points of Interest on a map, then send the coordinates directly to your vehicle. You’ll be able to set the locations as destinations, and get voice-guided driving directions when you ready to set out on your adventure.

Create and Manage Folders
Create folders for your favorite POIs on the NissanConnectSM Services App or Web Portal. Give each folder its own name, and add or delete destinations whenever you want. When you save your changes, the updates will automatically be delivered to your vehicle.

View in Vehicle
The names, addresses, phone numbers, and GPS coordinates of each POI will be downloaded to—and displayed on—your vehicle’s NissanConnectSM system. You can choose to view the POI results in a list, or on a map screen.


Journey Planner

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Before you travel, use the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal to help you plan your itinerary and simplify your trip. Just enter your starting point and end destination, plus locations you’d like to stop at along the way. Journey Planner will determine your route, calculate driving distance and time, and send your journey plan to your vehicle.

Create and Manage Folders
You can create multiple journey folders on the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal. Give each journey its own name, and enter the addresses, names, and phone numbers of up to four Points of Interest along your route. You can change the order of your POIs, add or delete stops, and send an updated journey to your NissanConnectSM system at any time.

Advanced Features
Prefer the scenic route? Advanced features, such as an option to avoid highway travel, can help you design the ultimate journey.

Web Portal vs Navigation System
Once your journey plan is sent to your Nissan, you may notice slight differences from the route outlined on the NissanConnectSM Services Web Portal. That’s because your Nissan’s navigation system uses your vehicle’s current destination as your actual start point.



Stream your music wirelessly with Bluetooth®, fill your iPod® with your favorite playlists and audiobooks, or get over 120 channels of music, comedy, sports, news, family programming and more with SiriusXM® Satellite Radio


Streaming Audio via Bluetooth®

Eliminate cord clutter and stream your music wirelessly with any Bluetooth®-compatible audio device. Let your passengers play DJ, and take control from any seat in the car.

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
Steering wheel-mounted controls let you activate Bluetooth® without having to take your hands off the wheel.
Display Readout
The tracks you're listening to will appear on your NissanConnectSM display screen.


SiriusXM® Satellite Radio

Hear the music you want, without having to flip through commercials. Cheer on your favorite team, no matter where you are. Plus, get channels and channels of comedy, talk, news, family programming and more.

Customers who buy or lease a new Nissan equipped with SiriusXM® are eligible for a 90-day trial to enjoy over 120 channels in your Nissan.

Commercial-Free Music
From rock to hip hop, and country to classical, SiriusXM® covers nearly every genre of music. Enjoy exclusive live performances, and stations dedicated to some of the most iconic artists of our time.

24/7 Sports Talk
Sports fanatic? Get live play-by-play of every MLB® and NHL® game, listen to SiriusXM® Fantasy Sports Radio, plus get coverage of the NBA, the PGA TOUR® Network, college sports and more.

Exclusive Content
Get entertainment, comedy, and talk radio programs you won't find anywhere else. Comedy Central Radio, Oprah Radio®, The Foxxhole by Jamie Foxx—the list goes on and on.

News, Traffic & Weather
Get world-class news stations, like CNN, NPR®, and the BBC World Service, plus local traffic.

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Learn more about SiriusXM® Satellite Radio.




Perform a Google® search to find a destination, even when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Just speak or type in a keyword, like “Pizza”, to see a full list of nearby results.


Stay focused on what’s ahead and let your Nissan’s available built-in GPS system—covering nearly 9 million kilometres of roads and over 2.5 million Points of Interest nationwide—guide you to your destination with visual maps and turn-by-turn voice directions.


With SiriusXM® Traffic services you can take the road less traveled. Traffic updates, with alternate route suggestions, will help you avoid delays due to roadwork, accidents or pesky congested highways.



Online Search with GoogleTM

Now, you can access Google®'s reliable unlimited search capabilities right from your Nissan. Search for a destination without knowing the specific name or category—then save it, or start your journey. A connected Online Search with Google™ is based on the latest information and is always up-to-date.

Search for POIs
Search by keyword to locate places—like ATMs, supermarkets and golf courses—near your current location or final destination. You can also find POIs by selecting a category from your NissanConnect℠ display screen.

Results list
The search results list will display each POI's name, rating, and distance from your current location. You can even sort the list to see it in order of highest rated, or those closest to you.

Display on Map
You can display your search results on a map screen to get a better idea of where each POI is located.

Google® Send-to-Car
Find your destination before you even leave home. Using your favorite connected device, send an address to your NissanConnectSM system via the Send-To-Car website. When you start your vehicle, select the 'Sent To Car' button. The address will be delivered and loaded into the system.


SiriusXM® Traffic

Don't drive through traffic, drive around it. Avoid congestion before you reach it by enhancing your Nissan's navigation system with detailed traffic information from SiriusXM®.
A 90-day trial subscription is available on properly equipped vehicles.

SiriusXM® Traffic offers coverage of nearly 1 million miles of roadways, nationwide.

Traffic Information
Coast-to-coast traffic alerts are delivered by satellite, 24/7. Learn about lane closures, broken-down vehicles, and other traffic troubles along your route or beyond.

Traffic Flow
Traffic flow information is displayed as colour-coded roads for at-a-glance awareness. Green means free-flowing, yellow is for moderate traffic, and red means stop-and-go conditions.

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Through Nissan’s voice recognition technology, Bluetooth® can help keep you in touch while you stay focused on the road. By accessing your smartphone contacts, the system lets you make and answer calls and send pre-loaded text messages—hands-free—through the audio system.

Launch Facebook® and you can have your vehicle check-in and post updates. Your vehicle can even read out your events.

Not only does NissanConnectSM make it easy for you to communicate with the outside world, it also lets the outside world communicate with you. With In-Vehicle Messaging—available with a NissanConnectSM Services package—announcements and alerts are delivered straight to your vehicle.




Your social life doesn’t have to stop when your engine starts. Launch Facebook® in your Nissan find out what all your friends are up to, and check in with your network when you get to your destination.

Keep updated with your Facebook® events.

Check-in when you arrive at your destination.


Bluetooth® Hands-Free Phone System

With the Bluetooth® Hands-free Phone System, voice-recognition allows you to make and receive calls even when your compatible cell phone is buried in a bag or in the trunk. No headset, no reaching—just a nice firm grip on the steering wheel.

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
Accepting a call is as simple as hitting a button on your steering wheel. The system even mutes your music automatically. Hang up, and you've got your audio back.

Voice Commands
Thanks to a built-in microphone and Nissan's voice-recognition technology, you can operate Bluetooth® with simple voice commands. For example, to dial out, say "Call"—along with the name of one of your phone book contacts—or "Dial Number", followed by your contact's digits.

Ring Tones
Choose between a variety of ring tones for your vehicle's Bluetooth® phone system.


Hands-Free Text Messaging Assistant

With the Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant your Nissan can read your incoming messages out loud and, through voice-recognition technology, easily reply back with pre-loaded responses.

Steering Wheel-Mounted Controls
Activate your Hands-free Text Messaging Assistant using the phone button on your steering wheel.

Listen to Messages
Say 'Read Text' to listen to a message and 'Next Text' to hear any other messages stored in your NissanConnect℠ system.

Reply/Send a Message
Replying or sending a new text is easy. Say 'Send Text to Joe Smith' for example, and choose one of several pre-loaded responses like "On my way", "Running late", "Driving, can't text" and more.

Custom Messages
You can create your own custom messages and add them to the existing list of pre-loaded responses.