I just want to thank you for your excellent service. I look forward to receiving the report card…be assured I will give you top marks throughout!!:):)

I have been telling friends and family that I have never been so well treated by dealership staff as I have been at Nissan Burlington. I really feel that you all work as a team!! It’s refreshing…not just from a dealership stand point but generally speaking. If companies could live by the mantra of One Team One Goal…the world would be much more efficient and pleasant.

I feel very confident as a Nissan customer and am sure that I will enjoy my car and ongoing relationship. As you said…it’s not about the size of the car…it’s about the win/win on both sides.

Looking forward to dropping in and having a coffee and chat.

Please feel free to copy Tracy and others on this…as I give everyone top marks.

Have a great day!